[Samba] printer suddenly unavailable

Hans Scheffers hans at jiffie.nl
Mon Jan 13 08:37:01 GMT 2003

Maybe the free disk space ?

On Mon, 2003-01-13 at 09:09, robert.gehr at web2cad.de wrote:
> Hi there
> I have a pretty strange problem that pops up once in a while.
> Running samba 2.2.7a having installed a Samba machine as password server
> sharing user info via NIS I have a couple of printers running here at our
> place. Several of them are only accessible to a select group of people so I
> defined the concerned printers share as:
> [PrinterX]
> valid users = user1, user2, user3 ....
> .....
> Things work fine only once in a while one of the people who is allowed to
> print to this share and has done so numerous times in the previous weeks
> calls up and says he/she is unable to print. When I check the logs on samba
> I get  "Rejecting user 'XXXX': authentication failed "
> Reinstalling the printer on the client machine usually helps as well as a
> reboot of the concerned client.
> This has also happened versy seldom with shares once in a while. Concerned
> are W2000, XP and NT machines.
> Even though the person can not print anymore he/she can still access
> his/her private shares which are bound to proper authentication as well.
> Any ideas????
> Best regards
> Robert Gehr
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