[Samba] Changing of Rights thru Windows program?

Ingo Doerrie ingo at doerrie-net.de
Mon Jan 13 07:04:01 GMT 2003

Hello all!

I just installed the Microsoft Navision Attain ERP system on my windows box 
and wanted to build a database on a samba share. 

What I had to learn is that the program was pretty able to build up this 
database with a create maske = 0660.

When I tried to attach to the database the rights of the file were changed and 
set to -r-------x or similar: absolute nonsense.

I only got it working with a force create mask = 0777 what was changed to 
-rwx-wxrwx by Attain program.

Does anybody have a hint how this effect may be caused and how it can be 

Note: Please respond to my email adress directly as I am not a listed member 
of the group.

Freundliche Grüße
kind regards


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