[Samba] printing probs and samba update

anderse at gmx.de anderse at gmx.de
Mon Jan 13 03:13:01 GMT 2003


I have still a 2.2.5 Samba PDC running and get from time to time 
printing problems. Sometimes it takes 2-3 minutes when trying to
print even simple documents, but then most of the time printing
starts immediately.

I could not figure out why or when this is happening. It has nothing
to do with a long printer queue or an (over)loaded server.

Perhaps someone else had these problems too? 
I use Windows XP SP1 for all three clients, but this happens to
the printer connected directly to my Linux-Samba-Server as well as
to the printer which is connected to the windows client.

Of course I have changed and installed the newest printer drivers,
now I read about fixes in Samba 2.2.6 ('Fixes for MS-RPC printing
issues affecting Windows 2000 clients'), perhaps this can be of help?

And this is my last question: How do I update to Samba 2.2.7a and take
all my settings from the 2.2.5 version? I mean, not only the smb.conf, 
but all connected PDC clients which are authorized and all known users?

I would be in great trouble if all passwords and settings would be lost.

I haven't found anything about this in the docs, so it would be great to
add this, in case I haven't missed it.

Many thanks in advance for your help!



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