[Samba] Retrieveing group memberships

Martin Peter Hanke mphanke at web.de
Sun Jan 12 10:48:01 GMT 2003


is there a possibility to include smb_{grp}.confs depending on the group 
membership of the user? What I figured out is I can retrieve the primary 
group of a user but what if a user is member of several groups let's say:

user a is member of tech and administration (not domain admin!!)
user b is member of dev and tech
user c is member of all existing smb groups

I would like to include all smb_{grp}.conf for the user. %G gives me the 
primary group, how do I access the other memberships?

I had a couple of other hints how to solve the problem but, maybe it was 
the way I tried to approach the problem, non was satisfying.



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