[Samba] Domain Users cannot use quic

Robert Adkins raa at impelind.com
Sat Jan 11 14:20:01 GMT 2003


	The accounting department here also runs Quickbooks. It also wouldn't   
run as a standard Domain User. On our old Windows PDC, the Accountant had   
to be setup as at least a Power User to be able to use the software.

	While I haven't had much of a chance to dig into it lately, it might   
just have something to do with file permissions on the Quickbooks   
directory. Although, the application did say that the user account didn't   
have the correct user rights to run the application.

	I have been planning on putting together an E-mail and letter to send to   
Intuit explaining how they are putting this company and many other   
companies at risk due to requiring users of Quickbooks to have more user   
rights then they should on the network and workstation.

	At this time, I can see only two options for dealing with the Quickbooks   
issue. (Since the accounting department will not look at any other   
software at this time.)

	One, setup a Domain Administrator group and put the accountant into that   
group. Yeah, I should be flamed to high heck for saying that, but it does   
work and allows the accountant to get his/her work done. You must ratchet   
down the rest of the server and hope that the accountant doesn|t receive   
any E-mail Virii.

	Two, create a local account for the accountant and or accounting   
department. Set the security settings for this account to be a Power   
User. Then do not join the workstation(s) to the domain. This can create   
a near equal network management headache, it would also make Samba more   
busy for that user/group of users due to having to authenticate each   
request instead of simply checking for the security token that the user   
would have. However, you do end up with the benefit that the accounting   
department would be "separate" from the network.

	At this time, I haven't been able to find a better solution.

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Hi all;

the other day we tried to get ambitious and get the office onto a
samba domain. Things were fine, but our quickbooks users could not
use quickbooks because they were domain restricted users and needed
to be domain standard users.

Anyone have any help on how to get the users in question to be power

Mike hillyer

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