[Samba] SMBmount in daemon mode slow to write

Jeffrey Chen JeffreyC at digiMine.com
Sat Jan 11 02:01:01 GMT 2003


We have a linux server which has the samba client running in daemon mode
(smb shares auto-mounted via fstab).  The source smb share is on a W2K
box, and both machines are on the same 100MB ethernet LAN.  Whenever we
try to copy a file from the linux machine's local disk to the SMB share,
we would get speed like 5,000-6,000 kbps, but yet if we try to ftp the
same file from the linux box to the W2K box, we get something like
35,000-40,000 kbps.  We have done extensive troubleshooting on the W2K
server box and have found that it's SMB serving performance is normal,
so this leave us with the conclusion that smbmount's write to the W2K
share is particularly slow.

My questions:

1.  Are there ways to optimize the smbmount writing performance to an
SMB share?  I have tried adding the following command line options while
using smbmount and found that they didn't have any impact on the write


2.  Are there ways to monitor the smbmount's performance/process other
than the standard network sniffing tools?

Any light on this issue would be greatly appreciated.  TIA.

-Jeffrey Chen
Jeffrey Chen
digiMine Corp.

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