[Samba] Directly smbmounting share folder (a la w2k)

John D Siirola jsiirola at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Jan 10 21:55:06 GMT 2003


Is it possible to directly mount a folder within a windows share using
smbmount?  For example:

	smbmount //server/share/folder1 /mnt/folder1

This is do-able with a win2k client, but I can not get it to work with

Here's my situation:  I have a communal Linux system that is operating in
a primarily Windows group, and I want to give each user access to their
windows home directory.  The windows sysadm has set up the home
directories on a Windows NT server.  The problem is that all of the home
directories are within a single share "UserHomes".  The win2k clients have
no problem mapping the folder (e.g. //server/userhomes/myuser) to a drive,
and I would like to be able to do that with autofs and samba.

Right now, the best I can do is to map the whole share each time:

/windows       /etc/auto.windows      -t 300

*       -fstype=smbfs,credentials=/home/&/.smbpasswd,uid=&,dmask=0700  \

This does work, but it adds a useless directory level:  a user's (e.g.
'myuser') windows home directory shows up as:  /windows/myuser/myuser/*.
In addition, all the other windows users' home directories (but not
directory contents) show up in /windows/myuser.

Is there a solution, or is this a new-feature-request for 3.0+?

Many thanks,

john Siirola
Department of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

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