[Samba] The use of Samba

Gordon Pritchard gordonp at sfu.ca
Fri Jan 10 17:38:01 GMT 2003

On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 04:45, Ted Gervais wrote:

> Now that I have Samba all set up and working well

> Right now I can sit at any machine and access any others.
> What more can I look forward to??  Or is this it??

	Here are some thoughts, Ted.  Mostly if you're bored :-)

1)  Move Samba/PDC over to using LDAP.  Check that this works.

2)  Then, move your Linux box(es?) over to using the same LDAP for
authentication.  One trick I found useful is to open two consoles to
your target machine, leaving one firmly SSH'd in (so you can recover
when the other terminal gets locked out :-O ).

	Now, you will be enjoying one single point of maintenance (LDAP) for
all your Win/Lin users.  Sooner or later, though, a Win user will try to
log into a Linux box, and you'll see an error about lack of a
home-directory, or no shell, or no .profile, or some such...

3)  Assuming that your Samba setup gives each Windows user a home-dir
upon login, it's now time to duplicate that in Linux.  Server uses
"exports" file, client will use Automount (auto.home).  Now, the same
home-dir is available on both Win and Linux logins.

	(seeing as you're also a ham - I'm VA7GP, and VA7SFU for Simon Fraser
University) - you could hook your HF radio to your Linux box.  Run twpsk
to experience PSK-31 data-over-radio, or gmfsk for either RTTY or
MFSK-16.  While this has next-to-nothing to to with Samba :-) it's a
great way to pass some indoor winter  months :-) ).


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