[Samba] RE: Samba locking problems

Windsor Dave (AdW/MOE2.1) Dave.Windsor at us.bosch.com
Fri Jan 10 13:41:02 GMT 2003

Hi Bernd,

For now, we have backed down to 2.2.4.  This seems to have solved our 
problems.  This is frustrating, though, since we wanted to upgrade to
at least 2.2.5+patches to possibly improve our situation with
downloadable printer drivers.

In my last post to the Samba mailing list, I mentioned that
downgrading to 2.2.4 fixed my problems and asked for suggestions,
but yours has been the only reply.  Of course, this was right before
the holidays, so I don't know how many actually saw that post or have
even had the chance to think about it.

Are you on HP-UX 11.x or 10.20?  My systems are running mainly 11.0
and 11i, with a couple of exceptions.  For 11.x systems, we might try
using HP's CIFS/9000 server, since it is basically Samba with more
integration/qualification with HP-UX.  The last time I looked at it,
it was based on a rather old release of Samba, but I believe that it
is now much closer to the latest stable Samba release.

Thanks for your input.  I may have the chance in a week or so to give
CIFS/9000 a try.  I will update you and the list if I do.

Best Regards,

Dave Windsor 
Team Leader, Test Systems Engineering 
Robert Bosch Corporation 
Anderson, SC, USA 
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Hi Dave,

we have exactly the same problems since upgrating our HP-UX server to
But not with Labview. We have those problems when several users use
Microsoft applications.

If you have a solution, could you please tell me?

Thank You,

Bernd Haeussermann
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