[Samba] Samba Authentication against NT domain

Troy.A Johnson troy.johnson at health.state.mn.us
Fri Jan 10 12:52:01 GMT 2003

No, not in my experience. 

Since Samba (in "domain" mode) will forward all authentication requests to
the PDC of the domain, it just has to join the domain (which causes the PDC
to create a machine account for the Samba server automagically). 

>>> Beast <beast at setuid.com> 01/09/03 20:20 PM >>>
At 01:48 PM 1/9/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>Try something like this...
># useradd machine% --> with the dollar sign
># smbpasswd -a -m machine

Is this command required? its for samba acting as PDC only.

from man page :

       -m     This  option tells smbpasswd that the account being
              changed is a MACHINE  account.  Currently  this  is
              used  when  Samba  is  being  used as an NT Primary
              Domain Controller.

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