[Samba] Samba/CUPS printing again

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Fri Jan 10 02:30:01 GMT 2003

Darin Bawden wrote on Samba-Digest:

> [Samba] Samba/CUPS printing again
> Darin Bawden dbawden at teamdme.com
> Fri Jan 10 00:42:19 2003
> Hello...again...Y'all are getting sick of me, aren't ya?  ;)
> Anyway, I am having quite the dilemna about printing.  I'm using samba
> 2.2.7a aong with cups-1.1.5.

First off: this is a very old CUPS. It was released in Autumn 2000.

> I know this is an old version of cups, but
> this is a production server and I don't want to fool with it yet.

But you do -- running such an old version of CUPS with the most recent
version of Samba ....    ;-)

> Anyway,
> we have 2 printers: HP laser Jet 4 Plus and an Office Jet R80.  each are
> running off a jet direct.  One is located in address x.x.x.32, the other in
> x.x.x.38.  We can print to the laserjet without a problem.

Which driver do you use here? Is it locally installed on the clients?

> However, we are
> completely unable to print to the office jet. 

Which driver do you use? Which Win OS versions are the clients? Do they
use the HP driver? Is CUPS spooling the files as "raw"?

What does the CUPS "error_log" say? Did you set "LogLevel debug" in CUPS
and restart cupsd to get a more verbose output?

> I can print a test page from
> teh CUPS web GUI and from the bash prompt from the server box itself.

The testpage is PostScript and therefor is nearly guaranteed to get
rendered and printed OK.

> However, when anything is sent from windows, it never prints.

What the Windows driver sends is "unknown". In CUPS-speak, it is of
MIME type "application/octet-stream". And this MIME type is disabled
by default.

See if you have in *both* files, /etc/cups/mime.types|convs, on the last
line the "#" removed. Then try again.

If the problem persists, see in the "error_log" for hints (not the page_log)

> There's no
> record of it ever reaching the que. 

Windows clients print into the receiving queue of Samba (probably
"/var/spool/samba/"). See if anything arrives here. If not, it is a pure
Samba problem at this stage. If yes, investigate why it doesn't get
passed to the CUPS queue (probably "/var/spool/cups/"), or why it doesn't
get processed there.

> I'm not sure where to look for info.

There is a a lot of docu at "http://localhost:631/documentation.html"

"man -k cups" should also list all relevant man pages.

The Release Notes at http://www.linuxprinting.org/ contain 2 arguments on
every single line why you should upgrade (there might be half an argument
per section why you could stay were you are...  ;-)

> it's acting like the windows machine are not sending the print files to the
> Cups que. 

Verify this by looking in the Samba log first.

Also, did you know you can change the Samba debug level "on the fly" by
giving "smbcontrol smbd debuglevel <your choice from 0 to 100>" ?? (My
advice: try "3" first, or you'll be drowned in messages....)

Also: which printing releted settings are you using in smb.conf?

> It never hits the page_log as a job.  When I look at the
> properties of the printer, the samba printer port is not checked.  When I
> check it and hit apply, it tells "Printer settings could not be saved.
> Access denied"  My network username is part of the root group, and I've set
> the printer admin and domain admin to include it, so I should have the
> rights to do whatever I want.

Yes you should....

But have you verified that this is what Samba sees you as?

Try "smbstatus" to see which credentials XP really presents to Samba.

> 	Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this?
> 	as a side not, does anyone happen to have an enumports script that I can
> use? 
> I'm not a script writer, so I would have any idea where to start.
> Thanks in advance...again  ;)
>  Darin Bawden, Technical Support
> Spectrum Software, Inc
> (615) 333-1900

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