[Samba] Re: samba (2.2.7a) + openldap (2.0.x)

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Thu Jan 9 19:18:15 GMT 2003

C.Lee Taylor wrote:
>> Thanks, compiles (with warning):
>> Compiling passdb/pdb_ldap.c
>> passdb/pdb_ldap.c: In function `ldap_connect_system':
>> passdb/pdb_ldap.c:289: warning: passing arg 2 of `ldap_set_rebind_proc'
>> from incompatible pointer type
>> Will see if I can actually get it working later today (if I can devise
>> an easy method to test it without disturbing our production dc ...)
>     Don't we all have that problem ... I was hoping to get to test
> today, but my test lab is infect with users ...

OK, I stayed a bit late, waiting for things to finish compiling etc ...
and did some tests. It seems to work. What I did was just point the
production DC at a slave server, and then

1)try and change my password
a)while both ldap servers were running (works)
b)while only the slave is running (doesn't work)
c)while only the master is running (doesn't work)

2)connect to my homes share
a)while both servers were running (works)
b)while only the slave was running (works)
c)while only the master is running (doesn't work)

So, it seems to be all correct, but it would be nice to have ldap
failover (multiple ldap servers listed in smb.conf?), but not absolutely
necessary. Now our WAN setup should work!

And, I also seem to not be able to have machine accounts created by
samba. I lost the (samba) log now, but while I had smbcontrol'ed the
smbd handling my domain join, I saw an ldap search string something like


where it should have been like this:

Without the LDAP entry in the server, I got a "No mapping was done
between .... etc " error on the client.

I also had a local machine account (in passwd) at which time I did not
get the error AFAICR, but it failed to join.

I was hoping to release 2.2.7a RPMs for Mandrake now, but they can't
ship like this ...


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