[Samba] Samba Authentication against NT domain

Gram, Danielle A. gramd at timken.com
Thu Jan 9 19:04:09 GMT 2003

	Thank you for the information, but I already have all those settings
in my smb.conf file.  Actually, I have compared the two smb.conf files (on
the system that works and the one that doesn't) and they are EXACTLY the
same except for server name and IP address.  

	I was thinking there was some other file or setting, possibly in the
OS and not in the regular Samba files???

Any other ideas?
Thanks again,

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You have to set the parameter security to domain or server;

security = server --> if you are going to use another samba box to

Security = domain --> if you are going to use a NT box to authenticate

if you use "domain" you have to set "encrypt passwords = yes" and
"password server = your-pdc your-bdc"

I thing that´s all..

On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 12:10, Gram, Danielle A. wrote:
> Hi Everyone, 
>     I have Samba version 2.2.2 installed on an HP-UX 11.0 server.  With
> Samba, I have users on NT/2000 clients mapping drives to the server, but I
> want it to authenticate automatically (against their NT domain accounts).
> Currently, when a user maps a drive to the server, they are prompted for a
> Samba password.  But, I only want to create one account for each user on
> UNIX server and have them authenticate and map automatically (without
> prompted), so I don't have to create Samba accounts too.
>     Currently, we have another server running Samba that is doing this,
> I can't remember what the setting/configuration is.  I have searched all
> through SWAT and haven't found it.  I was thinking there was a switch in
> some other file...??
> Any ideas??  I would really appreciate any help...
> Thanks,
> Danielle
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