[Samba] Problem with rpcclient and installing PS-Driver

Andreas Pakulat ap125 at informatik.uni-rostock.de
Wed Jan 8 22:15:19 GMT 2003

On 08.Jan 2003 - 20:06:45, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> i want to install the Adobe-PS Drivers into samba, so that the Clients
> can download them.
> I first had Samba 2.2.3 from debian woody, where the cupsaddsmb program
> did'nt work at all.
> I the upgraded to samba 2.2.7 and tried to install all the drivers by
> hand using rpcclient.

As nobody answered yet, I'll answer by myself:

> Now I've got 2 problems: First one is that I cannot deinstall the
> various drivers from the servers list. When I do a 'rpcclient -U root
> localhost -c "deldriver HPDeskjet"' I get the following Output:
> | cmd = deldriver HPDeskjet
> | Failed to remove driver HPDeskjet for arch [Windows 4.0] - error 0xbb9!
> | Failed to remove driver HPDeskjet for arch [Windows NT x86] - error
> | 0xbb9!

Looks like the driver cannot be removed if a printer is set to it using
setdriver command.

> The second problem is that I also cannot use the above mentioned driver
> to set it to a printer with 'rpcclient -U root localhost -c "setdriver
> HPDeskjet HPDeskjet"'. It stops with the following error:
> | cmd = setdriver HPDeskjet HPDeskjet
> | Unable to retrieve printer information!

Solution was to stop samba and remove the file ntdrivers.tdb and
ntprinters.tdb from /var/lib/samba. Then I could restart making the

One question I still got: Do I have to set the Default Data Type to RAW
or to PS if the Adobe Postscript driver shall format the documents that
are printed on the WinMachine to Postscript. Which then will be fed into
my cups?


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