[Samba] Autocad file corruption...

Lawrence Walton lawrence at the-penguin.otak.com
Wed Jan 8 21:23:01 GMT 2003

> > I am having problems with autocad file corruption.  My users are
> > draftsman and access project files via samba over the network.  This
> > problem occurs after a file has been worked on and someone 
> > attempts open
> > a file that they were working on.  There is no indication of a problem
> > while the file is open and being worked on.  But when they try to
> > re-open it, autocad thinks the file is corrupt and it cannot be
> > salvaged.

It might help if you told us _what_ version of Autocad. 
And what version of SAMBA.
Right now I have whole offices using cadd without corruption.

I have one office that has some file locking problems, thats with 2000i with the civil plugins.
It was easily resolved by, (this is just with the civil plugin btw.)    

level2 oplocks = no

Make sure that CAD is configured for a multi-user environment. 
Use the most current version of samba to, I do.
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