[Samba] Removing Samba

Troy.A Johnson troy.johnson at health.state.mn.us
Wed Jan 8 21:15:01 GMT 2003


No problem, but you still didn't include the info 
I asked for. :-|

What are you installing Samba on? Red Hat 
What version? 5.1?
On what hardware? A 486?

Where did you get the original RPMs for the 
Samba verson that is installed now? Did they 
come on the same CD as the distribution? Do 
you know what the filenames are? What is the 
output of the 'rpm -qa | grep samba' command 
that I sent previously (it doesn't change anything 
just provides information).

Where did you get the RPMs for the version 
of Samba you want to install now (the one 
you tried to update to)? Did they come from 
the same vendor, or the Samba web site? 
What is the name of the file (or files)? 

I could try to guess at the details, but I 
could waste a lot of time doing that. Please 
fill in the blanks so I don't have to try, and 
keep the conversation on the list so others 
can possibly benefit from whatever answers 
are given (and perhaps correct mine if I am 

Good luck, 


>>> Ted Gervais <ve1drg at av.eastlink.ca> 01/08/03 01:54PM >>>
On Wednesday 08 January 2003 03:27 pm, Troy.A Johnson wrote:

Thanks Troy for your quick response.

I should have said a bit more than what I did.  I think I have messed up
Samba installation such that I think it best to just start over.  An
using the latest release of Samba and using RPM files won't work. And
than do everything by hand I thought if I could just use RPM to remove
what I 
have, I could than load up a new version of Samba without any

At least that is what I was thinking.  


> Ted,
> This is an more of a RedHat/Mandrake/Whatever
> YourLinuxDistroNameIs question than a Samba
> question, but here is an answer:
>    rpm -qa | grep samba
> will get you the samba related package names.
>    rpm -e <samba-related-packagename>
> will remove those packages.
> If that doesn't "fix your wagon" (and even if it does),
> please include your OS Distribution, OS Version, and
> any other info that might help a person know your
> situation better before suggestion something (or
> ignoring your post).
> Good luck to you,
> Troy
> >>> Ted Gervais <ve1drg at av.eastlink.ca> 01/08/03 01:12PM >>>
> Does anyone know how to remove Samba, using the RPM utility?
> I have tried but not sure on the correct use of RPM and of course I am
> sure of the proper name for removing Samba??

Coldbrook, NS

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