[Samba] Removing Samba

Troy.A Johnson troy.johnson at health.state.mn.us
Wed Jan 8 19:28:01 GMT 2003


This is an more of a RedHat/Mandrake/Whatever
YourLinuxDistroNameIs question than a Samba
question, but here is an answer:

   rpm -qa | grep samba

will get you the samba related package names.

   rpm -e <samba-related-packagename>

will remove those packages.

If that doesn't "fix your wagon" (and even if it does),
please include your OS Distribution, OS Version, and
any other info that might help a person know your 
situation better before suggestion something (or 
ignoring your post).

Good luck to you,


>>> Ted Gervais <ve1drg at av.eastlink.ca> 01/08/03 01:12PM >>>
Does anyone know how to remove Samba, using the RPM utility?

I have tried but not sure on the correct use of RPM and of course I am not

sure of the proper name for removing Samba??

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