[Samba] Problem with some applications

Hans Scheffers hans at jiffie.nl
Wed Jan 8 18:20:01 GMT 2003

i know, but this was just for testing... the permissions can't be a
problem anymore then
On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 15:24, £ukasz Maria Mœcis³awski OP wrote:
> I'm not sure it is best idea to set permission into 777,
> maybe you should try permisions 777 for directories and 744 for files?
> It's only idea...
> Lukasz
> > Permissions i have set to 777... no change what so ever
> > The application is a dutch bank application, using its own database
> > format ... the other choking one is antoher bank its application, this
> > application just gives a runtime dll error, without even telling which
> > dll causes teh problem.
> > Installing them both locally solves the problems..
> >
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