[Samba] RH8 and Samba 3

Darin Bawden dbawden at teamdme.com
Wed Jan 8 17:08:00 GMT 2003

Greetings everyone,
Just a quick question, I hope.  I installed the 3.0 alpha for an RH 8.0 test
server.  In the smb.conf file I have printing=cups and printcap=cups.  In
the cups.conf I have printcap=/etc/printcap  When I start the Samba server
and look at the log.smbd, it's telling me "can't open printcap file cups for
read!"  Is there a setting I have missed doing the upgrade?  It was working
fine with 2.2.7a.

Thanks in advance  :)

 Darin Bawden,

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