[Samba] FW: files with dot at the end of the name

Mitchell, Sharlene K. (KTR)~U MITCHES at stratcom.mil
Wed Jan 8 14:39:51 GMT 2003

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On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 03:48:41PM -0600, Mitchell, Sharlene K. (KTR)~U wrote:

> I am having trouble with reading files with dots at the end of the name.
> We are using a Unix machine as our map server.  When looking at the files on the Unix side, the files I am trying to read have the following format "aaaa." where a is an alphabetic  character.  
> When I copy a file, the dot is stripped off; however, when I try to read the content directly through Samba, I get an error.
> Do we have something set incorrectly in Samba?  This is a Unix - W2K interface.

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