[Samba] SAMBA and daemontools

Michael Handler handler-list-samba at grendel.net
Tue Jan 7 16:31:01 GMT 2003

I submitted patches to give all SAMBA daemons non-forking execution
modes so they'll run under daemontools. These patches were accepted
for the SAMBA development (3.0) branch, and thus should appear in
the next 3.0 snapshot (anytime after 2003-01-03).

They declined to apply the patch to the 2.2 branch, as they don't
want to add any more features to that branch, and don't anticipate
If anyone wants to run SAMBA 2.2.7a under daemontools, you can
compile it with my patches. They're available from:


These patches add two options: -F and -S. -F makes the daemon run
in the foreground, and -S makes the daemon log to standard output,
so you can handle the logs with multilog if you desire.


michael handler                                            handler at grendel.net

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