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Muhamad Riman muhamad at 212.com
Tue Jan 7 06:03:00 GMT 2003

From: Muhamad Riman <muhamad at 212.com>
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Subject: samba join to NT PDC and WINS server
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I cannot use share in samba server 
I Have NT PDC and WINS server,  I already install Red Hat 7.1. 
I Would like to Share File from Red Hat 7.1 with NT Client in my network. 

I already install samba in red hat 7.1 and configure smb.conf  : 

workgroup = MYdOMAIN (This is my domain NT) 
netbios name = samba 
security = domain 
password server = DOM1 (Netbios name for PDC ) 
encrypt password = Yes 
local master = Yes 
wins server = (WINS SERVER in NT) 

path = /data 
browseable = Yes 
Writeable = yes 

I already do : smbpasswd -j MYdomain -r DOM1 

if i running nmblookup -u SAMBA 
it is show "name_query failed to find name SAMBA" 


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