[Samba] Samba and 2 NICs

Timothy W. Moore twm at tcg-hsv.com
Mon Jan 6 23:12:01 GMT 2003

I have been using Samba for years to access data on my Linux machine.  I 
had a new machine built that drives my cluster via a GigE card and I 
access the data (for word processing) from a WinXP machine via a 10/100 
card.  Samba worked before adding the 2nd NIC.  Is there something 
special I should tell Samba via the config file to authorize connections 
from XP via the 2nd card?

Basic Configuration: GigE Interface:    seawolf (Attached 
to GigE Switch/Cluster Nodes Only)
                                    10/100 Intrface    
godzilla (Attached to 10/100 switch with other windows machines/Print 
Server etc.)

The windows XP machine has 2 NICS: (Attached to same 
10/100 switch as above)
                                                            (Attached to yet another 10/100)


Timothy W. Moore

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