[Samba] Help: Windows User Permissions on Samba

Riordan Timothy triordan at ecmc.org
Mon Jan 6 21:10:01 GMT 2003


I am pretty new to samba so if this is a newb question please forgive 
me.  I have my server up and running, have it authenticating through my NT 
PDC and users who are not in the /etc/passwd file can access shares I 
create are world readable.  I have also copied over a coupe of users the 
passwd file (with identical passwords) for the sake of testing.  I would 
really like to migrate all of my windows file servers over to a large samba 
server but I am having trouble with permissions.

I realize the just the 744 bits (as of samba 2.0.5) have any meaning but I 
am hoping there is a way to change the file permissions on the server 
through the windows clients (if not preserve all together in 
transfer).  Ideally I don't want to have to create a new user on the Linux 
box every time I create one on windows but I could live with that.

With the accounts that I have created duplicates for on Linux I can not 
change the file security permissions (ie add user pjones as someone who can 
read my file)  is this a technical limitation or is there a hack around it?

Thanks for any help

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