[Samba] Samba configured with Active Directory

Carol L Ellingson cell at usgs.gov
Mon Jan 6 19:00:01 GMT 2003

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I have been reading the samba archives located on your web site.  I would
like to ask a question pertaining to Samba configured to work with Active

We recently configured Samba (2.2.7-2) on our SUN Solaris machine to work
with our Active Directory Domain (from NT4 Domain).   Since then, samba has
to be restarted each time a winterm user accesses the drive that is mapped
to the SUN server.  Our winterminals hang off a couple of Windows 2000
servers that have Service Pack 3 installed on them.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


Carol L. Ellingson
cell at usgs.gov

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