[Samba] Simple question - Machine / User relationsip

Richard Canada richard.canada at mrli.ppdi.com
Mon Jan 6 18:05:01 GMT 2003

What does your smb.conf look like?

Jim wrote:

> Can someone explain to me the mechanizm that Samba uses to relate 
> Machines to Users?  I am trying to set up a Samba-LDAP PDC and it 
> seems to work OK but I get "No mapping between account names and 
> security IDs was done."   This would seem to be a simple user/group 
> ownership/permissions thing.  Now I have the following potentially 
> pertinent ou's:
> People
> Computers
> Groups
> One would think that simply adding a group or having People become 
> members of a group would fix the problem.  What fields should I be 
> looking at though? Where is this theoretical reltionship stored?
> Jim C.





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