[Samba] Printer Driver Download Problem - PPD's Not DL'ing

Ben Brown bbrown at regsrv.nw.uoguelph.ca
Mon Jan 6 17:28:13 GMT 2003

Hey All, just a quick question about printer upload/download stuff 
that's been confusing the hell out of me for a couple days...

This might be a Samba, or a CUPS problem, so i've posted this on both 
newsgroups, but if anyone's had a similar problem I'd really appreciate 
any help!

I'm running Samba 2.2.7 and CUPS 1.1.17 on a RedHat 7.3 System..   I'm 
trying to get the automatic printer driver downloads working by using 
the CUPS 'cupsaddsmb' script which uses smbclient and rpcclient calls to 
upload the drivers and set the drivers for the printer.
cupsaddsmb appears to function correctly, but when trying to download 
the drivers on a Win9x machine, not all of the driver files download.

the rpccommand:

rpcclient localhost -N -U'root%j0inm3' -c 'adddriver "Windows 4.0" 

finishes correctly, setting the driver files from the print$ share..


when using a win9x machine to install the printer only the 
'ADOBEPS4.DRV' file gets downloaded..  This isnt a problem if a 
PostScript printer has been previously installed on the system, other 
than that the PPD file for the printer 'test1' isnt available.  And 
without the correct PPD, the printer's functionality is limited.

So, the problem lies in the rpc command?  or the file download?  I've 
been stareing at CUPS and Samba FAQ's, newsgroups, source code, and 
debug logs and havent been able to clearify what the problem is..

If anyone's got driver dl's working with cupsaddsmb, i'd love to hear 
from you!


Ben Brown
Systems Analyst
University of Guelph

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