[Samba] users can't set smbpasswd, root can

Dan Kirkpatrick dkirk at physics.syr.edu
Mon Jan 6 16:49:01 GMT 2003

I just created a new smbpasswd file, all users with unset passwords.
Problem is, users can't set their passwords, only I can as root.
Password is not set / blank, but they still get:

>test> smbpasswd
>Old SMB password: <enter>
>New SMB password: Samba
>Retype new SMB password: Samba
>machine rejected the password change: Error was : RAP86: The 
>specified password is invalid.
>Failed to change password for cas

entry for "cas" in smbpasswd is:
]:LCT-00000000:test user

smb.conf has:
encrypt passwords = yes
smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd

Works fine when changed as root, so everything else seems to be set ok....



PS... any way to make the smbpasswd file using everyones unix password 
that's already set?

Dan Kirkpatrick                   dkirk at physics.syr.edu
Computer Systems Manager
Department of Physics
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
http://www.physics.syr.edu/help/    Fax:(315) 443-9103

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