[Samba] Using user account information from another machine

Carlos Oliva G. carlos.oliva at igloo.cl
Mon Jan 6 13:08:00 GMT 2003


I had no responses to my previous message about setting up a samba linux
fileserver using account info from another linux box, so I've tried to
figure out a solution.

I need to have two separate servers, one holding the UNIX accounts for
the users and also acting as a PDC, and a second one acting as a mere
file server with a backup unit (perhaps a DVD-RW).

All I want to do is that the file server gets the account information
(username, group and password) from the main server which has the UNIX
accounts on it, so I don't have to replicate all accounts info on both
machines and manage to keep them up in sync.

In a concrete example, I want to define on the file server certain
shares which can be written only by certain users or group members, but
these users/groups won't exist locally on the fileserver.

I don't know which would be the best set up for reaching out this,
should I use NIS, LDAP, winbind, etc.?

I would really appreciate your suggestions.


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