[Samba] mounting smbfs...

Ronan Waide waider at waider.ie
Mon Jan 6 11:07:02 GMT 2003

On January 6, lists at xinot.net said:
> Try sudo.  Put a line into sudoers that allows your users to only use the 
> command mount -t smbfs //<machine_name>/<share> /home/<usr_name>/music

For user-level mounts, try adding the 'user' flag to the fstab:

//pdc/d   /mnt/tmp        smbfs   noauto,user     0 0

This will prompt the user for their password, and use their unix
username to do the mount. Note, for reasons that are not entirely
clear to me, the user must own the mount point, and only root can
unmount these partitions after they've been mounted. I may look into
this if I get time, as user mounts don't normally behave like that
(the user who mounts can also unmount, and the user doesn't need to
own the mountpoint)

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