[Samba] Full upgrade of Samba server

Addey O.S.E. addey2k at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jan 6 05:41:03 GMT 2003


I've searched through the mailing list archives and
came across a few hints at what I need to do to
upgrade a server I manage.

This "upgrade" is really a total clean out to a new
version of Mandrake 9.0 from Mandrake 8.1. HDDs in the
server are getting replaced with much bigger ones.

I've made some rather detailed plans for the weekend
job. But, one thing I'm not too sure about is how do I
backup the SID Machine Account information, if that is
at all possible. I'm guessing there is more to this
than just saving the /etc/samba/smbpasswd file.

Going from Mandrake 8.1, there is no BDC to help with
regenerating all the SID's to the new server.

I'd rather not laboriously go around to every PC
rejoining the PCs to the DOMAIN as there are way too
many and could take up more than the weekend to do.

Any hints on this would be excellent.


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