[Samba] mounting smbfs...

Torger Åge Sinnes torg-a-s at online.no
Sun Jan 5 22:19:01 GMT 2003


I've been at it for a solid week now....trying to figure out how to mount a 
smbfs-resource at boot. See i need to do the following;

mount -t smbfs //<machine_name>/<share> /home/<usr_name>/music

...only thing is, I have to run the cmd as a regular user. The easiest thing 
would offcourse be to have i run at when booting, but i don't know how to do 
that. Any help to get from you guys? Another possibility would be to make the 
mount-cmd usable by regular users so that they could mount the shares 
themselves, but this also seems quite near impossible to do.

So...any tips/idea?

Best regards
Torger Åge Sinnes

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