[Samba] Large file transfer problem

Ray Hinse rhinse at attbi.com
Sun Jan 5 21:00:02 GMT 2003

Anyone familiar with the problem of hangs and aborts when
transferring files from a Linux machine running Samba to a
Win9x machine?

1. Samba 2.2.0a running on Slackware linux 8.0 with PCI NIC
2. Win95 with ISA NIC
3. Samba shares appear in Win95 network neighborhood
4. Small transfers from Linux box to Windows works fine
    but anything larger than say 50kb aborts or hangs
5. Packet analyzer reveals the aborts or hangs occur around
    the time an SMB or browser broadcast emanates from
    the win95 machine. Apparently, the sequence number is
    changed which confuses Samba or tcp/ip on linux.
6. This also happens when using Proftpd on the linux box and
    transferring (downloading) files using ftp from the win95 machine.
7. In a peer-peer setup, transfers (win2k-win95) proceed with
    great speed, i.e doesn't appear to be a hardware problem.
    (file size does not matter here)

Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated

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