[Samba] "Only users" seems nonfunctional

Ben Tels bzt at bentels.dyndns.org
Sun Jan 5 12:33:59 GMT 2003


Excerpt from my smb.conf on Samba 2.2.5:

security = share


public = no
guest ok = no
user = bzt
only user = yes
path = <...>
writeable = yes
browseable = yes
printable = no


Now, according to the manpage for smb.conf, I should only be able to log in 
and use service BenD as user bzt. Nevertheless, I can log in as any user as 
long as I know the password. Even if I use smbclient and explicitly log in as 
a different user, the password is all I need to get in.

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

Ben Z. Tels
bzt at bentels.dyndns.org
optimusb at stack.nl

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