[Samba] Troubleshooting Samba

John Blue jblue at bestpond.com
Sun Jan 5 03:42:00 GMT 2003

I am running SuSE V8.0, and have upgraded to Samba 2.2.7a on a small 
network server.

I have been having problems relating to sorting out printing from an NT4 
workstation to a laser printer on the Samba server, and have been getting a 
message on the NT PC whenever I try to browse the server that the remote 
computer is not available.

So I have been through the test processes as outlined in in the Samba 
documents and have struck one problem that I cannot seem to get past.

While trying to list the shares available on the server using:
smbclient  -L penguin (server name)
I get:
session request to penguin failed: (not listening to calling name) &
session request to *SMBSERVER failed (not listening to calling name) 

I can see the shares on the NT4 PC, and on another linux PC OK.

According to my googling results this problem is a "common error" 
"If you get this when talking to a Samba box then it means that your global 
"hosts allow" or "hosts deny" settings are causing the Samba server to refuse 
the connection.

Look carefully at your "hosts allow" and "hosts deny" lines in the global 
section of smb.conf."

I have looked at my hosts allow (I have no hosts deny) I had the netbios 
names listed, I changed that to 192.168.0 (my PC's use - 5)
I still get the same results, able to browse two other PC's and list shares but 
not on this server (penguin).

Any advice appreciated.


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