[Samba] Authenticating against a Windows 2000 DC?

Daniel Wittenberg daniel-wittenberg at uiowa.edu
Sun Jan 5 02:29:01 GMT 2003

I don't have a url handy at the moment, but you want to look at using
winbind, it'll do what you're looking for.


On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 20:17, Chris Palmer wrote:
> I apologize in advance if this is a FAQ, but I couldn't find the FAQ document for this list. I also could not find anything relevant in other Samba documentation sources like http://hr.uoregon.edu/davidrl/samba.html.
> There seems to be plenty of information about using Samba *as* a DC, but I want to know if I can use Samba *with* a Windows 2000 DC. We have two DCs running Windows 2000, a W2K file server and a Linux/Samba file server (in standalone mode). We have to manage users and groups separately on the Linux and Windows systems, and that's no fun.
> We are running Samba 2.2.7 on Red Hat 7.3 (although sometimes RH's version numbers are not quite in synch with the original developer's):
> ===
> $ rpm -qa | grep samba
> samba-common-2.2.7-1.7.3
> samba-2.2.7-1.7.3
> samba-swat-2.2.7-1.7.3
> samba-client-2.2.7-1.7.3
> ===
> Is the feature I want in this version? Or, is the feature I want in development? Or, is there some other setup I can use to get authentication out of the DCs via LDAP (Windows 2000 uses a moderately bastardized LDAP for authentication), and then have Samba use that?
> Thanks in advance,
> -- 
> Chris Palmer    Systems Programmer    GeneEd

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