[Samba] os x and samba performance vs netatalk

Stewart Allen stewart at neuron.com
Sat Jan 4 03:20:01 GMT 2003


I've tried the last two official redhat rpms of samba and 2.2.7a and they 
all show the same results. No logging is turned on. OS X is at 10.2.3.

Before I commit to putting at large amount of data on the raid array, I 
would like to spend some time understanding whether samba or netatalk will 
be better for my purposes. The only negative against samba at this point 
seems to be performance. Netatalk 1.5.5 doesn't support files > 2GB and I 
can't get OSX to authenticate against 1.7a. Without large file support, 
netatalk is useless for large media clips (the bulk of my data).

The application generating the data is Final Cut Pro. It seems to crash 
whenever I try to capture clips to either samba or netatalk shares. I 
haven't found anyone who can shed light on this. So files will be captured 
locally then moved to the server.

I've read a couple of your posts to the netatalk lists. If you can get 
netatalk to store files in a format compatble with samba, that would be a 
great boon. It would mean I would have to worry less about which server 
process I used to store the files originally.



Philip Edelbrock wrote:
> Curious.  My tests had Samba winning, hands-down (although not as 
> dramaticly as your test shows).  I don't have giga-bit ethernet 
> though... I wonder if that matters? (I'm on switched 100Mb)  I also 
> wasn't using an alpha release of samba.  Do you have any logging or 
> debugging turned on on Samba which might be bogging it down?  You show 
> you are 10.2... is that 10.2.0 or 10.2.3?  The OS-X patches seem to be 
> changing a lot right now, even the minor numbered ones.
> BTW- I'm currently working on rewriting parts of the netatalk source to 
> make it store files on the server in a way which is compatible with 
> OS-X.  I'm hoping this will allow more flexibility.  (I.e., if you share 
> the same files to OS-X Macs connecting via SMB and AFP, you'll see the 
> resource forks disappear as well as a number of side problems like 
> difficulty is deleting folders from AFP).
> Be wary of files not copying/duplicating with OS-X not warning you about 
> it.  For example, if you select 100 files and hit command-D (duplicate), 
> it often only duplicates /most/ and not all of them.  I.e. double check 
> to make sure that the data is actually making it there.
> Phil

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