[Samba] os x and samba performance vs netatalk

Stewart Allen stewart at neuron.com
Sat Jan 4 00:48:00 GMT 2003



  CPU: Dual 2Ghz Xeon
  RAM: 1GB DDR 2100
  HDD: 3Ware 7850 w/ 8x160GB
  KER: 2.4.19
  OSS: RedHat 7.3
  ETH: Intel Pro/1000

I'm just suprised that netatalk approaches full throughput on the disk while 
samba isn't close. The results were the same for current and previous 
versions of samba, so it's not just the alpha version in question.

What kernel options did you want to compare?


John H Terpstra wrote:
> What is your RAID device? What controller? What drives?
> Using a 3Ware 7500-4 IDE RAID Controller with 3 Western Digital 60GB
> 7200rpm drives, in a Tyan S2462 Thunder K7 motherboard with dual AMD
> MP1600+ CPUs and 1GB DDR 2100 RAM, running the linux-2.4.18 kernel over
> 1GBe I was able to get sustained read rates of approx. 90MB/sec and
> sustained write rates of 70MB/s using samba.
> My client was a Tyan S2640 512MB RAM, 1 Gbe, dual MP1600+ CPUs.
> Your numbers are way off mine. Suggest we compare notes on what hardware
> you are using, what kernel options are enabled. How many CPU's etc.
> - John T.

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