[Samba] known bugs/issues/gotchas

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri Jan 3 21:17:00 GMT 2003

Hi Ronan,

>I see a number of topics cropping up here
>repeatedly over the last few weeks:
>* desktop.ini weirdness in profiles
>  I've seen this mentioned a few times
>  with no sign of a real solution.

It worked for me after I changed the own-dir-read-only
prohibition line in "source/smbd/dosmode.c":


but it's still an emotionally charged issue allowing
a user to remove write privilege on his own dirs. My
more general proposal was to also ignore the lack of
write privilege on one's own directories at creation
of new files. It's probably pending deliberations by
IETF or some ad-hoc POSIX group :-)

I support your conclusion that there should be more
systematic ways of googleing currently known samba-
related problems and solutions. This maillist should
also be just a tad more moderated to screen out repeats
of the same message, html-excesses, transmission
artifacts (e.g. "=20" instead of " " and "=3D" instead
of "="), spam mail etc. and generally beautify the
postings for text-only viewers in my opinion.

The question is, would you or I voluntarily put some
work where our mouths are. Someone has to do it! It
is work. It would certainly benefit the samba
community and probably reduce the traffic in this
mail list. Still, we can't demand such a facility
unless we're ready to roll up our own sleeves.

I guess you really only wanted to know if there
are other (possibly digested) resources besides
this mail list. Assuming there are, your posting
sounded just a little overirritated, as if it's
someone else's fault that they were unknown to you. 


Yes, it's very personal of me.
There's a difference between "kibitzing" and "playing".

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