[Samba] known bugs/issues/gotchas

Ronan Waide waider+samba at waider.ie
Fri Jan 3 12:04:01 GMT 2003

On January 3, abartlet at samba.org said:
> > * desktop.ini weirdness in profiles
> >   I've seen this mentioned a few times with no sign of a real
> >   solution.
> I'm not sure what you mean by this - given that what gets uploaded into

I believe Dragan Karnic (sp? sorry, don't have the name to hand!)
mentioned this most recently. Something along the lines of shortcuts
to folders getting mangled: when you click the shortcut, you get a
folder with two items, one of which is a second shortcut to the folder
and the other of which is a desktop.ini file. Those aren't the exact
details; I'll go mining the archives and see what I can dig up.
> > * problems with Win2KSP3 clients
> >   Again, several mentions, no solutions offered
> Please include details sufficient to identify the problem you
> specifically refer to.

Umm. I believe there was one mentioned just yesterday, in great detail
(someone who'd run through the entire DIAGNOSIS.TXT file step-by-step
and included the results of each test), the net result of which
appeared to be that Win2K could see the Samba server but couldn't
access the shares. Again, I'll go mining the archives.

> Not particularly.  Most issues get addressed on the samba-technical
> list, so reading the archives is often a good idea.  Certainly I don't
> know of any particular efforts on the two (rather vauge) bugs you have
> mentioned.  Read the CVS history at build.samba.org if you are wanting
> to follow development closer.

Yep, alas, I don't have as much time as I'd like to devote to that :)

I don't mean to pick holes in Samba, note. The two items I mentioned
above are things I've seen passing by on the list without any apparent
solution, and I've seen several mentions of both items, which is why I
asked if there was a list of such issues being maintained.
> If you detail your expected setup to the list, you might find people who
> can give you advise as to the more 'generic' or 'problem space' gotchas
> - these are more likely to cause you trouble than specific issues in the
> latest Samba.  (Simply because the main problems Samba has are problems
> we can't deal with - like the fact we run on Unix, not NT :-).


Setup is, to be honest, a cross between trivial and convoluted: the
trivial part is that it's a small network, less than 100 people
total. The convoluted part is that it's an amalgamation of several
companies, so the network is a disaster. I've cleaned up most of the
stray workgroups and that sort of thing, but the following tasks

* Remove NT PDC, replace with Linux PDC
  - this is why I was messing about with net rpc vampire late last
    year. I got no feedback on the description I posted about that, so
    I assume I wasn't doing anything /to/ insane...

* Switch all local profiles to roaming
  - yes, this is a generic Windows Domain issue, not a Samba
    issue. The roaming profiles will end up on a Samba server,
    however, which is why I'm paying close attention any time someone
    mentions a problem with them.

> Andrew Bartlett

That actually holds as a general rule. French folk will often help out
in fluent english after you've stuttered for ten minutes, telling them
you are the son of a fermented potato and would like to wash your
wife's chilblains in some fresh orange juice.

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