[Samba] known bugs/issues/gotchas

Ronan Waide waider+samba at waider.ie
Fri Jan 3 11:29:01 GMT 2003

Hi sambafolks,

I see a number of topics cropping up here repeatedly over the last few

* Files > 4GB not supported
  This is confirmed and solved in 2.2.7a, but not in the current
  incarnation of smbfs (which is not part of samba, I know, but will
  get discussed here as a related topic)

* desktop.ini weirdness in profiles
  I've seen this mentioned a few times with no sign of a real

* problems with Win2KSP3 clients
  Again, several mentions, no solutions offered

My question is, is there a canonical place to go where I can find a
list of /all/ bugs/issues currently under investigation by the samba
team? I see from the development page that you use IRC to coordinate
development, but I presume at some point this falls out into "Tridge
is looking at the Win2KSP3 issue while Jerry is working on

My main reason for asking is that I'm in the middle of a rather
complicated migration to Samba and I'd prefer to know up front what's
going to bite me, rather than having to fend off angry users

waider at waider.ie / Yes, it /is/ very personal of me.

There's a difference between "not shy" and "stalking".

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