[Samba] Network ( LAN) browsing

senthil at jadooworks senthilg at jadooworks.com
Fri Jan 3 03:34:00 GMT 2003

HI all ,

Thanks to the fantastic support i got from the list I am a proud user of samba. I would like to know a little more for network browsing. I am able to access the windows and other samba boxes and access and download the files using " Xfsamba" . But the problem with this is that it allows me only to download one file at a time.. what if i want to download lots of files and folders at a time? i tried using other gui for samba clients like this which allowed me to mount the share in a mount point and use it like a drive. But In Xfsamba there is no need to  mount the share before u start using it. 

Can any one please advice me what u people use this purpose ?  what exactly i should use for this ?  any help in any form :-D  i meant any howtos or steps will be very very useful at this time ....

thanks in advance

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