[Samba] Using the right network interface

Ronan Waide waider at waider.ie
Thu Jan 2 21:00:23 GMT 2003

On January 2, jht at samba.org said:
> Check the code for nmbd. You will see that it is essential that nmbd
> listens on all interfaces. That means it can reply to requests also. It
> will NOT broadcast on interfaces that are excluded from the interfaces
> specification if "bind interfaces only" has been set.

Well, yeah, my understanding of the manual page was that if I set bind
interfaces only, then it'll only respond on those interfaces. So even
if someone pokes at the dialup interface, they shouldn't get a
response. This doesn't appear to be the case at the moment.
> can completely isolate your samba server is using a firewall. I am happy
> to send you my simple iptables script if that will help you.

Well, no, as I said, I'm not a newcomer to this stuff. I'm just not
inclined to rely 100% on a firewall to do my security; I want the
services it's protecting to be secure also.

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