[Samba] Using the right network interface

Ronan Waide waider at waider.ie
Thu Jan 2 19:35:03 GMT 2003

On January 2, jht at samba.org said:
> Check that this says:
> 	interfaces = eth0 lo
> where lo is whatever the loopback interface is called on your system. To
> find it's name run 'ifconfig -a'

I'd realised that. I'm not exactly a newcomer to unix/samba :)
> What is the output of 'netstat -a'?

netstat was originally (I thought) showing nothing listening on Reading the man page I realise this can't be right, since
nmbd needs to listen there for broadcast traffic. It's currently
showing a listener on Tweaking socket address, interfaces,
and bind interfaces only doesn't appear to change this, but as I said
that's what I'd expect having read through the manual page. I'm just
suffering from some sort of delusion that I managed to switch the
service off at some point.
> HAve you set up a firewall on your system? How have you firewalled port
> 137/udp?

No, the whole point of my setup is to try and configure any services
on the machine to be safe in the absence of a firewall. If I don't
have a listener on a given interface, then it doesn't matter if the
firewall is working or not, you can't get any information from that
interface for whatever service you're looking for.

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