[Samba] Sometimes WBINFO reports "Bad Secre"t for Computer Account of ser ver

Petry Roman, ITS-IT Roman.Petry at dillinger.de
Thu Jan 2 11:04:00 GMT 2003

we use Samba 2.2.7 in our company to serve files for nearly 800 people.. 
Sometimes they get errors within the netlogon script which asks them for
their passwords..
1 Minute later after a reboot everything works o.k.. no asking again..
i created a trace file for wbinfo and sometime i get secret is bad..
Tue Dec 31 09:15:00 CET 2002
Secret is good
Tue Dec 31 09:16:00 CET 2002
Secret is bad
Tue Dec 31 09:17:00 CET 2002
Secret is good
We have 3 Domain Controllers with NT4.0 SP6a.. FDDI Backbone.. WINS ready
and o.k..
What´s the meaning of this hex code ?? 
Any hints ..

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