[Samba] Samba and OSX

Marcel Beltz amb at beltz.info
Thu Jan 2 09:07:02 GMT 2003

i use OSX too, i don't know how to browse a samba server, but i know to 
conect a share, may it help's u. you have to press "command +k" then u 
have to typ "smb://domain;username@samba/share". with jaguar it works 
great. ( better than win xp ;)


Am Mittwoch, 01.01.03, um 23:21 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Jim LaSalle:

> How do I map OSX to Samba file shares? I'm not new to Samba but OSX is 
> a  puzzle. I can get the Mac OSX to see the Samba server but not the 
> shares. Maybe I'm so hung up on the Windows "net use D: 
> \\server\share" syntax I can see the forest for the trees.
> Thanks.
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