[Samba] Samba won't start

Peter Caitens Peter_Caitens at TechnologyOneCorp.com
Thu Jan 2 05:37:01 GMT 2003

I cant get SWAT to work on my Mandrake 9.0 box either.  I access my Samba
configuration using the Webmin interface.


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| Happy NewYear to you
| When I try to activate samaba from the web browser, I  get an 
| error message 
| stating it can't find :901. I'm using ManDrake 9.0. When I 
| goto the services 
| area, it won't let me start swat when I click onto "starting 
| a swat service". 
| It says that swat can't strat this way.
| The bottom line is , I can't get access to the swat.
| Can you offer any help for this problem?
| Thanx for listening
| George
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