[Samba] please answer ! need help ! samba team.

teo teo_pat at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 1 10:28:00 GMT 2003

hi all samba experts , 
                        i had a problem with my samba server verion-2.0.6-9 . When i typed smbclient -L Server
;it prompt for a password and if i keyed in using ENTER botton only, it shows a list:-
 Sharename ....Type    Comments
 home              Disk
 IPC$               IPC     IPC Service (Samba 2.0.6)

 Server             Comment
 PC                  personal
SERVER          Samba 2.0.6

Workgroup       Master
Simple             SERVER

But , if i key in the password i had set ( set by smbpasswd -root ....which appears alright ) , its shows
session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw
Hm....What should i need to do ? I try to check it with the SWAT ultility ....and its shows server 0879 on the passwd tab..which i thought it is the correct password ! What went wrong ? I even try to smbclient my win 98 box when the win box 98 tiny firewall is on....it cant browse any even though the fire is set to allow the samba server to browse...it works fine if the tinyfire wall is off....Hm.........i try it using another samb version 19-10.18p,
it works fine even using the same tiny firewall ....What went wrong with this one too ? 

its appears ...samba ...need to patch up alot ....?

Samba user ....
pls help 
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