[Samba] Printing with CUPS & Samba...

Brad sambauser at capstone.net.au
Wed Jan 1 06:28:01 GMT 2003

Thanks for your reply, Jim.

On Wednesday 01 January 2003 15:45, you wrote:

> I have a similar setup: Linux server with printer, Linux client, WinXP
> client.  The print manager on the server is CUPS.  I have Samba set up
> similar to what you described, and the WinXP machine is able to print to it
> (but not see the print queue; I posted a question recently about that).
> As for the client, I de-installed lprng and installed cups.
> /etc/cups/client.conf is empty, i.e. all comments.  

So this is on the client (Red Hat 8 box)? And do you have cups installed on 
the client? And have you made any changes to the cupsd.conf file on the 

> Thus it relies on
> broadcasts from the server to know what printer(s) are available.  It works
> great.  No administrative hassle on the client, and no involvement with
> Samba.  The Samba solution could be made to work but is probably not worth
> the effort.

And did you tell it where the printer was? I read that the server broadcasts 
the printer availability, but it doesn't seem to work here. For example, are 
you suggesting that I should be able to just start OpenOffice writer and send 
a print job to the "genetic printer" (default) and it will know that there is 
a CUPS server present and so send it to the server?

> The client is a laptop, and when I take it to work it hears the CUPS
> broadcast and can access the work printers.
> CUPS broadcasts are on by default.  It's governed by "Browsing On" (or Off)
> in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf on the server.

Can you please post (or email) your cupsd.conf?

> It turns out that Win2K and WinXP have CUPS (IPP) support natively!
> There's an add-on for WinME; I don't know about NT or 95-98.  In the
> "Add Printer Wizard", specify http printing and give a URL similar to:
>     http://server.company.com:631/printers/lp
> (assuming "lp" is the print queue on the server).  The only downside is
> that the print queue display looks funny, but maybe that's just because I
> haven't used it on big print jobs that would stay in the queue.

I have used Samba and it works fine, but I will try this method too.

I have spent a couple of days (!) on this and so am greatly relieved to get a 


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