[Samba] Cups and Samba Access Denied

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Wed Dec 31 21:12:43 GMT 2003


I feel with you. I am the author of the book. :)

On Wed, 31 Dec 2003 jared at kfh.org wrote:

> I purchased the Samba 3.0 book and it has gotten me pretty far but I finally
> had to go to the mailing list for this problem.
> Here is the issue, I am running Debian (woody) with samba 3.0.1-2 and cupsys
> 1.1.14-5 I have also installed cupsys-bsd cupsys-client and smbclient

I recommend that you update to CUPS 1.1.18 or later and make sure that
your Samba-3.0.1 is linked specifically with its libraries. That will help
resolve some of your issues.

> foomatic-bin and as2ps follwing this
> http://excess.org/docs/linux_windows_printing.html advice. Samba is running
> in Domain mode and I can log on to the network and connect to file shares
> just fine.
> Here is the issue: My printer will show up if in my xp box if I browse the
> entire network, but if I double click it or right click on it, I get
> "Operation could not be completed. access denied". I have managed to connect
> to this printer by adding a local printer in XP and choosing the create port
> option. But if I choose network option it asks me for a user name and
> password and I get access denied. I have raw printing running and when I
> create the port it seems to be working fine but for some reason I cannot
> instlal it like a network printer on a NT box. Here the parts of my smb.conf
> file:
> ### 1.4 - Printing ###
>   printing = cups
>   printcap name = cups
>   load printers = yes
>     # If you want to automatically load your printer list rather
>     # than setting them up individually then you'll need this.
>   show add printer wizard = yes
> [printers]
>   comment = All Printers
>   browseable = yes
>   path = /home/spooler
>   printable = yes
>   public = yes
>   writable = no
>   guest ok = no
>   printer admin = jared, @IT
>   create mode = 0700
>   use client driver = yes
>   print command = lpr -r -oraw -P%p %s

Given that you are using CUPS the "print command" will not be issued since
Samba will print direct via he cups libraries.

By specifying "use client driver" you prevent the upload of the driver
files. Here is my printing section, as it is on my network:

        comment = All Printers
        path = /var/spool/samba
        printer admin = root, jht
        create mask = 0600
        guest ok = Yes
        printable = Yes
        use client driver = Yes
        default devmode = Yes
        browseable = No

For this system I do not want to upload drivers. The permissions on the
/var/spool/samba directory are: 1755.

Also, did you make sure that you uncommented the lines in the /etc/mime.*
files that have?

application/octet-stream ...

That will permit CUPS to print fully pre-processed jobs that your client
driver file prepared to go directly to the printer.

> [print$]
>     # Some Windows clients will look for this share to hold
>     # printer drivers.
>   comment = Printer Drivers
>   path = /home/drivers
>   browseable = yes
>   read only = yes
>   guest ok = yes
>   read only = yes
>   write list = jared, @administrators
> I log in as jared for testing purposes. I have the print$ share up with all
> the proper directories but I do not have any drivers installed, this is
> becuase when I try to do it through XP I get "Operation could not be
> completed. access denied".

The "use client driver" kind of defeats having this share. :)

John T.
John H Terpstra
Email: jht at samba.org

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